Freeze Proof LabeLs In India

These labels are divided into 3 groups depending on their temperature ranges.

Temperature range: - 40°C to +115°C.
Beer labels and cold storage labels.

VR Labels provides beer labels that are moisture resistant, UV resistant and can resist temperatures up to -40°C after application on a dry surface. These Specialty Labels are generally used in the beer industry but can also be used for packaged water bottle and wine bottle labelling. These self-adhesive labels can also be used in healthcare industry for storage of medicine bottle which need to be stored at temperature up to – 40°C. These beer labels perform very well in freezers as their adhesive bonds very well with the bottle, forming a permanent bond. These labels are also been used extensively in the cold storage industry.

Temperature range: - 80°C to +120°C.
Blood bag labels / plasma bag labels /freeze proof labels

The blood bag labels and other freeze proof labels form a critical part in the pharmaceutical industry for storing blood, plasma and other body fluids over several years. These self-adhesive labels withstand temperatures up to – 80°C and even sticks to moist /icy surfaces at – 80°C. These blood bag labels form a very integral part in the storage of blood where inaccurate information can cause a fatal error. Adding a blood bag label with right information to the blood bag ensures that the right blood reaches the right patient thus preventing sample mix up. These pressure sensitive labels have extremely low adhesive migration thus maintaining the properties of the blood and plasma.

Temperature range: from – 196°C to +150°C
Cryogenic labels

Cryogenic temperatures are temperatures below – 190°C. Cryogenic is a process, which is performed using liquid nitrogen for storage of biological tissues used in drug discovery, genetics and other clinical labs. Cryogenic labels withstand extreme deep-freezing temperatures from – 196°C to upto +150°C. These pressure sensitive labels are placed on the containers that store liquid nitrogen. The cryogenic labels also resist gamma radiations and other chemicals found in clinical trails. These sticker labels are stuck on vials, test tubes, glass and metals and do not crack or peel under such temperatures.

These labels have good thermal transfer printability.